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Positive Mind Positive Results

A positive attitude reaps healthful rewards

“Mind over matter” may seem a bit cliché when it comes to health and science, but in Mary Beth Ackerman’s world, a positive attitude plays an undeniable role in reaching and maintaining optimal health. A physical therapist and co-owner at PhysioCare Physical Therapy in Woodinville and Duvall, Ackerman has witnessed numerous success stories, from clients […]

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Walking a ‘gait-way’ to back pain relief, says PhysioCare physical therapist

Are you experiencing tightness or discomfort in your lower-back? Try taking a walk, suggests physical therapist Mary Beth Ackerman, PT, CIMT, USAT. According to Ackerman, of PhysioCare Physical Therapy in Woodinville and Duvall, studies have shown walking to be effective in preventing, alleviating and even treating pain in the spine, a condition that according to […]

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Be SMART when setting health goals

While annual statistics are bleak when it comes to the success rates of New Year’s resolutions, don’t conclude that goalsetting is a fruitless endeavor, says physical therapist Andy Lodato, MPT. Simply resolve to set smarter goals. “This time of year, goals often reflect a commitment to better health, which I definitely applaud,” said Lodato, co-owner […]

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Exercise Balance to Prevent Falls

Just as a reduction in resistance training can make us weaker and fewer miles on the treadmill can reduce our cardiovascular fitness levels, maintaining good balance as you age requires a continued effort, says physical therapist Andy Lodato, MPT, of PhysioCare Physical Therapy in Woodinville and Duvall. “Generally speaking, a person’s risk of falling increases […]

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PhysioCare Physical Therapy shares four things you didn’t know about PT

October is National Physical Therapy Month, and physical therapist Andy Lodato, MPT, COMT, c. MDT, of PhysioCare Physical Therapy would like to take the opportunity to remind people about the important role improved and restored movement has on improving society. “Movement is central to a person’s quality of life, no matter the age or personal […]

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breast cancer physical therapy

Physical therapy plays critical role in breast cancer treatment and rehab

Researchers from the Netherlands recently found that a combination of supervised strength and aerobic training during the early stages of breast cancer treatment reduces fatigue while helping patients increase muscle fitness. As Breast Cancer Awareness Month approaches in October, Becky Miller, DPT, CSCS, of PhysioCare Physical Therapy points out this study is the latest in […]

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Mind your back(pack) during back-to-school

From homework and tests to extra-curricular activities, students already shoulder plenty of weight during back-to-school time. Their backpacks should be the least of their worries, says physical therapist Andy Lodato, MPT, of PhysioCare Physical Therapy in Woodinville and Duvall. Unfortunately, backpacks of often misused by both kids and teens. “They’re misused because kids don’t use […]

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Direct Access Physical Therapy

Prehabilitation: ‘Get vertical sooner and recover faster.’

The stronger you are before surgery, the stronger you’ll be after. That’s the philosophy behind prehabilitation (or “prehab”), the process of improving strength and functional capacity before surgery through a comprehensive and targeted exercise program – a process typically overseen by a physical therapist. “Prehab makes a huge difference in patients’ outcomes,” said Hal Crane, […]

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