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Physical Therapy plays role in Injury Prevention

Physical Therapists are widely recognized as a Rehabilitation Specialists due to their expertise in systematically evaluating human movement and identifying asymmetries or deficits in posture, strength, motion or balance. What many don’t realize is that these identifiable deficits generally exist prior to onset of pain and can predispose individuals to injury.  Therefore, a lot of musculoskeletal pain and some injuries are preventable and physical therapists are the most qualified health care professionals to work on injury prevention.

Most people routinely schedule an annual physical, eye exam and dental appointments. This year, I encourage you to also schedule a preventative care appointment with your local physical therapist. In Washington, Physical Therapists are a direct access health care provider. This means you can schedule an appointment without a physician referral! (Some insurance still require a referral to cover costs. A quick phone call to our office will determine if you need a referral).

Injury prevention in physical therapy covers many areas. At PhysioCare Physical Therapy we have PT’s who specialize in: readiness for participation in youth athletics utilizing the FMS screening tool, balance training/fall prevention, post-partum care and women’s health, posture training and headaches, spine care, lymphedema massage and general orthopedics. If you feel you could use help in any of these areas you are a good candidate for physical therapy even if you do not currently have pain.  Additionally, if you want to start a new workout or activity a quick evaluation by a PT may be just what you need!

As a physical therapist, I enjoy helping patients meet their post injury goals or working with them to reduce chronic pain but I find even greater satisfaction working with an individual preventatively. By identifying and addressing a person’s problem areas, I get to help improve their quality of their life by assisting them meet their goals.

If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment, give our office a call:  Duvall (425) 788-0505 or Woodinville (425) 402-9772. It’s your life, let us help you live it well by preventing pain and/or injury this year!

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