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Getting Ready for Ski Season!

Get Ready for Ski Season!

Gear is loaded in the Subaru. Quick stop at Starbucks. Streetlights turn off in exchange for drizzle and grey light. It is Saturday morning and a quick trip up SR-2 to Stevens Pass or I-90 to Summit at Snoqualmie. Sparkling crystals of optimism require goggles or sunglasses before marching to the lifts. Good morning!

We have different stories, but similar themes. It is snow season in Western Washington and a break in the gloomy weather. Are you ready? Consult with your favorite ski or board shop for your gear. This is not about bindings and waterproof/breathable clothes. Get your body ready!

Skiing and snowboarding are different, but there are similarities. Both are interval sports. We alternate high intensity adventure with standing or sitting rest. Race, rest, repeat. Even if we are not racing, we need to train. Preparation will bring us more joy and keep us safer. Literally a win-win.

Prepare for maximum fun

Improve your move

Snow school is simple. My one-word training plan is… Squats! Master the basics of squatting with body weight. This could literally be your one-stop, one-word, panacea for all things snow-wimpy. Squats. If you can “squattabunchatimes” with good quality, you have earned a C grade. Squats with added load (barbell, kettlebell, gallon of water) earn you a B. If you want an A, get Aggro! Do some squat jumps, snatches, or heavy loads with your buddy. Squats!

Snowboarders and skiers need to stay aerobically fit for quick recovery between runs, better connective tissue (tendons and stuff), and better ski clothing fit (only half kidding). Take hilly walks, go running, crush the elliptical. Be fit.

The differences… Snowboarders need to be prepared to put hands down from frontside or backside edge. Do planks, push-ups, triceps, and anything else that helps you catch your body. Get some variety with yoga. Core galore! Skiers need to be able to do lateral movements that help transfer weight from edge to edge. Use movements like side-to-side stepping, lateral bounding, and any single leg exercise. There are no such things as hips that are too strong. Train the lats and triceps for ski pole use. This will help with lift lines and propulsion on the flats.


You must train 3 days per week from now until snow season! There are no rules. The reality is that your efforts will be rewarded. More results with more work, to a point. If you are generally fit, congrats, you need to focus on the sport-specific stuff. If you are out of shape, work hard and you will be more prepared by exercising. Choose you own adventure. Get ready soon and enjoy those lower-volume days prior to ski schools starting. Regardless… I’m off to do some squats and lateral bounding. Perhaps I’ll get a little crazy and do push-ups too.

If you have any questions about how to prepare for ski season, give us a call at either our Woodinville location (425) 402-9772 or Duvall location (425) 788-0505.

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