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Don’t Skip That Holiday Workout!

The calendar has turned to December which means it is getting busy for me…..and if I had to guess, it is getting better for you too.  When life gets busy, particularly around the holidays the one thing that suffers is working out.  Holiday season means parties, shopping, decorating, etc.  Exercise is a great way to deal with some of that holiday stress.  So, how do we fit it all in?  Well, to get a work out it does not have to take long.  Here are 3 easy ways to get in some exercise which will not take too much time.

  1. 7 minute workout. You can download an app on your Iphone or any Android device.  And yes, it really only takes 7 minutes.
  1. 5 Fast-paced, no equipment workout. Great way to get a little high intensity workout.
  1. Take a Walk. Taking a brisk walk is a great way to get some exercise in and more importantly, clear the mind.


During the busy, and somewhat stressful holiday season make sure to take care of yourself.  Exercise is a great way to do just that!  It will make for a more enjoyable holiday and plus, you might be able to enjoy one extra Christmas cookie!

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