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Our patients appreciate how dedicated our staff is to improving their lives. They know the hour long appointments and avoiding the use of aids and assistants makes a huge difference to their outcome. Here are just a few of their comments.

Mary Beth is a fantastic problem solver and works to pinpoint the underlying cause of the injury. She helps me with various injuries that occur during triathlon training and has been my go-to PT for the past 5 years. Being a triathlete herself, she understands the balance between training and injury recovery. I am generally able to stay on track with my training programs because she tends to use therapy methods that allow me to keep training. Mary Beth designed custom orthotics that helped me get rid of the shin splints that used to plague me every time I started running.
KC – Engineer

Chronic Pain
My experience at PhysioCare was Awesome! I felt like I was involved in my care and my condition was explained to me in terms that I could understand. Working together with my therapist, helped me return to pain-free life quicker. I feel like I found a physical therapist for my whole family.
MA – Microsoft Engineer

Women’s Health
I am so glad I met Mary Beth at PhysioCare! Mary Beth is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and sensitive physical therapist who was able to explain the physiology behind the treatment. My therapy work with Mary Beth has improved my daily life significantly. The field of Women’s Health care needs many more therapists like Mary Beth who can help “retrain” their bodies to work right.

Post Operative
I could not have been happier with the care I received from everyone at PhysioCare. I worked with HoChin from just after wrecking my knee, through the surgery and for 3.5 months following surgery. This was the first serious injury of my life and the recovery was interesting. I needed a guide and HoChin was excellent. He made the painful times seem less so and when things got easier he pushed me to hit the goals we has set along the way.
KB – International Business Owner

Becky truly listens. If an exercise hurts she creatively modifies it, resulting in greater opportunities for success and healing. With her gentle touch and encouragement I have been able to continue working and doing the things I love such as hiking and gardening. PhysioCare’s receptionists are cheerful and efficient. I have never had to wait longer than five minutes for any of my appointments.
KW – Library Technician

Joint Replacement
In 2011, I had a total knee replacement for my right knee; then in 2012 I had the left knee replaced. My range of motion in both knees is back to 100% and I am able to get back to enjoying an active lifestyle. I have had PT at other facilities in the past and never had the kind of positive experience that I had at PhysioCare.
SW – Mental Health Professional

Special Needs
I am a person with disabilities. People often grow impatient when I try and explain something. HoChin and Josh took the time to listen and make me feel human while delivering care. I would like to express my appreciation to all the staff I came into contact with; that I never felt belittled by any of them.
GW – Woodinville Business Owner

Shoulder Pain
I had a great experience at PhysioCare. From the minute I walked in, the staff was attentive and answered all of my questions. I also enjoyed the one-on-one experience with my PT. He listened to my goals and addressed my concerns. My shoulder feels better and the PT even followed up to make sure I was doing well
JR – Real Estate Agent

The PT quickly identified my problem and that therapy would not help my problem. He coordinated my care with a surgeon who repaired my knee. After the surgery, I went back to PhysioCare for my rehab and got excellent results. I strongly believe that I am back to running sooner thanks to the efficient coordination of care my PT provided.
KP – Homemaker