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Performing Arts Rehabilitation (Dance Rehab)


Performing Arts Enhancement & Injury Prevention: Maximize Your Dance Potential

Too many dancers experience injuries that can be painful, limit their abilities or possibly end their dance career. Common factors that often lead to dance injuries include:

  • Faulty technique
  • Muscle imbalance
  • Repetitive overuse
  • Stretch weakness
  • Hypermobility without stability
  • Adaptive shortening of joints and muscles

At PhysioCare, we strive to not only help dancers fully recover from injury, but also to prevent injury in the future by teaching correct posture, muscle recruitment, and body mechanics.

Goals of Dance Rehabilitation (Dance Rehab)

  • Resolve pain and restore function
  • Improve core stability and lower extremity strength
  • Restore muscle balance and symmetry
  • Increase muscle flexibility and joint mobility
  • Prevent future injury through education and home maintenance programs

Performing Arts Enhancement

PhysioCare Physical Therapy also helps dancers who are not injured. We use biomechanics and physiology to individually assess your abilities and create a custom program to maximize your body. We will help you maximize your movement control, improve the finesse of your adagio and increase the confidence of your dance by utilizing muscle recruitment, joint mechanics, and manual therapy. Beyond the clinic, we also work with your instructors to help achieve obvious and measurable results. Get a leg up on the competition and safely improve your skills. We offer one-time consultations, individual plans, and group sessions as a part of our Performance Enhancement program. Additionally, PhysioCare offers on-site seminars and in-services for teachers and students.